By Sophy King, Managing Director of Peregrine Immigration Management Ltd

Immigration red tape is often a significant problem when managing global projects and assignments. It is impossible to effectively plan international moves without having a good basic understanding of relevant processes and timelines. Agreeing deadlines and setting client expectations without the benefit of real knowledge is a risky business. You can only achieve immigration compliance if your business has a clear understanding of how procedures should work in the first place.

Peregrine specialises in independent global immigration advice and software and we advise all our corporate clients to:

1- Speak to their immigration advisers as early as possible when planning an international move, even if specific individuals to move have not yet been identified – there’s a lot you can prepare in advance.
2- Identify a network of trusted immigration partners and suppliers around the world, and make sure they understand your business needs. A clear, written immigration policy is a good idea.
3- Understand bilateral agreements – knowing who you can send where at short notice can really help (e.g. understanding rules related to assignments within the EU, or within MERCOSUR in Latin America).
4- Try to prepare individual assignees as early as possible; having a “move ready” population who have valid passports; know where their degree certificates are; understand medical and police clearance procedures can save a lot of time.

Software can never replace expert immigration advice but it can go a very long way in aiding effective and organised planning. Our product, Immiguru, is an award-winning software tool that does just that.

Immiguru contains over 1000 different immigration processes into, currently, 95 different countries searchable by nationality, home and host country, salary level and location, assignment duration and more. The data in Immiguru is detailed, yet clear and easy to understand. Running a search in Immiguru can give you and your colleagues a clear idea of timelines, documentation requirements, red flags and so on in just seconds. All the data in Immiguru is checked every 28 days by Peregrine’s global network of over 200 immigration specialists and lawyers – whose details are listed prominently on the site so that you can contact them directly for case or project specific advice.

Immiguru also has a sister product, Immigo, which is an immigration case management tool for tracking application dates, securely uploading documentation, running reports on a global mobility population, and much more. Immigo can “talk” to Immiguru, which means that Immigo users can create interactive document checklists and process timelines in seconds.