The new immigration bill has been presented to the French government and if passed, in April, would bring in the following significant changes, for which there are no details at the present moment:

1. One of the main new processes would be a “Pre-approval process for employers” the sponsoring companies, the aim is that these companies would have access to streamlined work authorization process, with faster processing times and less documents being required.  The details on this are still to be given.

2. Intra-company transfers (ICT) category:

  • Cooling-off period. Non-EU nationals who hold EU ICT permits would be required to leave France upon the expiration of their status for a period of at least six months – this is something that Expat Partners has been advising on for quite some time but now this would clearly codified on the rules for staying under the ICT. Please note that the maximum is 3 years.
  • The employee would require to have a minimum of 6 months employment with their home country employer (or with the EU member state employer) as opposed to 3 months actually, to obtain the EU ICT permit for France.  Thus reducing the possibilities of non-EU nationals who would qualify for this EU ICT permit.
  • Accompanying family members –  redefined to include children of spouses whereas currently only children of the primary applicant are eligible.

3. New permit categories –  Implementing the EU Directive on research, studies and training and a new “au pair” permit.

  • Non-EU Graduates –  The current APS issued to non-EU nationals who have graduated from a French university/school would now be changed from a limited French permit to a full residence permit with a right to travel within the Schengen states thus allowing graduates extra intra-EU mobility

4. Talent Passport category – now would include new companies and projects – increasing the criteria for companies to qualify as “innovative”, even if the company has not obtained the tax status of a “young innovative company”

  • Projects that aim at increasing the economic development of a French company under the “French Tech Visa” would also qualify under the Talent Passport program.

5. For the accompanying children (under 18) there will now be one permit category, unifying the present two categories

  • DCEM Document de Circulation pour Etranger Mineur for non-EU children born outside of France and
  • TIR Titre Républicain for non-EU children born in France