Are you a HR Manager or representing a corporation?

If you’re a HR Manager or representing a corporation then you’ve come to the right place at the right time. We understand the value of keeping your employees mobile as your organization bids for international projects across the world. We can assist multi-national companies by managing the immigration application process, and, where necessary, will accompany the expatriate to the various French administration offices and foreign Consulates in France to ensure that the individual encounters no unforeseen difficulties when filing their applications and collecting their documentation.

We also offer HR managers the possibility of coordinating the immigration procedures of their international staff members across the world, ensuring that compliance is met.


  • Short-term and Long-term Work permits and visas: including Skills and Talent permit, Intra-Company transfer permit, Secondment of an Employee as a Service Provider permit, Direct hire/ Local Work permit, European Blue Car permit.
  • Document Certification –  Legalization and Apostils
  • Social Security/ Medical card request Carte Vitale (CPAM)
  • Accompanying Family/ Spousal procedure: including Long stay visitor’s visa, Birth registration, Children’s circulation permit and Children born in France permit procedure
  • Driver’s license exchange request
  • Student status change request