By Sruthi Sagar Ananthachari, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Zoomlee

Remaining compliant with regard to the expiry dates of passports, visas and work permits is one of the largest challenges for the Global Mobility teams, expats and business travelers. How many of us have had an issue with an expired passport, visa or work permit? The Human Resources and Expat continually has to keep track of numerous documents that also include medical insurance, birth certificates, tax ID numbers… and the list can get very long if you have a large family!  In 2014 we launched Zoomlee, a solution for international travelers and expats. The Zoomlee app is the world’s first intelligent storage application engineered to securely store travel and immigration documents and is built with end-to-end security features to protect your personal documents. Users can store passports, visas, work permits, driver’s licenses, travel insurance and any other document they want to quickly access and receive notification alerts when the expiration date is approaching.

International tax is also another point that has to be very well tracked, the tax laws are incredibly complex and the app has a feature that tracks how many days you spend in each country – You simply export the data into an email and send it to your tax attorney or accountant when it comes time to file your taxes.
Most of us travelers have experienced at least once difficulties in a foreign country when looking for a consulate, police station, hospital… especially when you don’t speak the language! We therefore developed a “Be Safe”feature, which based on your location, will let you know close-by resources – the nearest consulate, police station or hospital etc.

We hope that the app will help the Global Mobility teams and expats in the task of keeping a track of their documents and remaining compliant!